Marketing Solutions

Marketing Solution

Most people believe that marketing is only about the advertising and the selling of goods and services. Advertising and selling, however, are just two of the many marketing activities.

In general, superb marketing is all the activities associated with identifying the particular wants and needs of customers, and then going about satisfying those customers better than the competition. This involves doing market research on customers, analyzing their needs, developing marketing plans and then making strategic decisions about product design, pricing, promotion and place of distribution.

DAS definition of marketing is:

Marketing is the process of strategic planning and executing the product, pricing, promotion, and place of distribution of ideas, goods, services, organizations, and events. The goal is to create and maintain a buying relationships that will satisfy consumer needs.

Marketing Planning & Strategy:
In order to have a successful outcome in anything in life you must have a plan. This is even more important when it pertains to marketing a small business product, services and/or solutions. DAS will assist in developing a marketing plan. This plan will be the guiding light to your success.

The marketing strategy will be launched and controlled from the marketing plan. The marketing strategy generates a cohesive message to the market of customers and prospects. The marketing message must be consistent across all channels of distributions.

Creating marketing support materials:
All marketing materials must have a common look and feel to generate a consistent marketing message. These supporting materials can span from answering the phone to printing the company’s logo.

Lead Generation:
The unique value of DAS is using the ability to tap into our network of business partners to generate leads for your business. We not only help you market your company but DAS will help sell your company’s products.

Website design and content management:
The effective creation, management and utilization of on-line web content to communicate your company and/or products across the internet. Your website will become a valuable channel of marketing and sales opportunities.

Mobile Solutions:
DAS has the power to create mobile solutions to support your business on any personal device.  These innovative design and development are for performance driven mobile apps and/or websites with access from your phone, pad or watch.

When clients are looking to develop website solutions and implement fresh web content, DAS will help you develop or re-define your web content.