Business Consulting

Business Consulting

DAS offers strategic business consulting services that allow our clients to leverage marketing, technology, and workflow processes for their business’ benefit.

DAS will work with companies to refine their business and marketing plans, create new revenue streams, automate business processes, understand cutting edge technology, and transform data into information.

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Business Processes:
One of the key differences between a small business and a major Fortune 500 company is business processes. Large, successful companies must have superb systems in place to maximize time and effort–lost time and effort result in lost revenue. These systems can be as simple as how to answer the phone and as complicated as organizational management.

DAS will perform an in-depth business assessment after an initial conversation to determine your primary areas of concern. From this assessment, DAS will recommend or validate your current business systems. Because a core belief of DAS is that all work is a process, we will work with you to create a system for implementing changes in a sustainable way.

Define/Identify Performance metric:
In order to verify positive results, a company must track and measure progress. The first step is to define the key metric that is generating value and/or revenue. Therefore, we have defined a unique technique that maps business processes to revenue.

Cost Management:
Most people believe that effective selling is the best way to grow a company. It is important, but cost management is the most efficient way. Over time businesses will allow wasted steps or manual processes to creep into the company’s business processes, causing a decrease in profitability. DAS will help identify those wasted steps and save expenses in key work processes.

Technology Improvement:
DAS has business partners to help meet your technology needs. We perform services from tuning your PC performance to repairing other hardware and software.

Data Security Solutions:
DAS has business partners to help with data security solutions. Our solutions are from secure file transfer environments to delivering secure emails, all while complying with various compliance and regulatory rules.